How To Set Up Bluetooth RGB Lighting System

How To Set Up Bluetooth RGB Lighting System

Pampa Lighting offers an innovative solution to outdoor color-changing lights. Instead of having to buy expensive special fixtures for outdoor RGB lighting, you can go for something more affordable with matching quality like our smart bulbs. This allows any homeowner to upgrade their traditional white color lighting system to a color-changing scenery at the touch of your finger.
Our smart BT bulbs come in G4 ( mainly for path lights and flood lights), MR16 ( mainly for Spot lights & well lights), and Par36 ( for bigger well and flood lights).

Before you read through this guide, please check out our initial user guide through this link: -User Guide-

Step 1: Download App
Download the app Tuya Smart and register with your email.

Step 2: How to begin connecting bulbs & Troubleshoot
Once all the fixtures are set up, wired, and connected, proceed with either the closest or furthest fixture from the transformer to work in an orderly fashion.
While the transformer is on and the app opens on your cellphone, connect the bulb to the fixture. The light will turn on and start breathing or blinking, this means the bulb is ready to be connected. Refresh the app page by scrolling down, and the bulb should appear on the screen to add.

(Image shows to new devices, you should do this process one bulb at a time, therefore only showing one new device)

Note: If bulbs don’t begin to blink/breathe, connect and disconnect the bulbs repeatedly fast and then slow-paced. Stop doing this when you see the bulb start to breathe, patient as you might need to do this for about 1 minute.

Step 3: Adding devices & Troubleshoot
Click the "+" to add the device to your device list. This process takes about 30-60 secs. Once the bulb is added, it will show on your device list.

Note: Sometimes after adding the bulb to the device list, the bulb appears in the list but is out of range. When this occurs, close the app and reopen it. If it still doesn't appear, turn off the transformer and turn it on again.


Step 4: Change the name of the fixtures.
Change the name of the device to organize the fixtures for your customer. For example from the closest to the furthest: Pathlight 1, Pathlight 2, Spot Light 1, Spot Light 2, and so on. This will allow you to change the color individually of any fixture and keep things organized for your customer. Check step 5 on our User Guide.

Step 5: Color adjustments.
Once you have selected the bulb, you will be able to dim the lights and change the color as you please. Check step 6 on forward on our User Guide.

Step 6: Repeat Process with Next Fixture
Once you have finished with the first fixture, continue on with the second one. Remember the bulbs have a range of about 20 ft, so make sure to add a BT repeater when needed. This will allow all the bulbs to be in range and therefor be connected at the same time, allowing you to group them all together and change the colors of all the lights at once.

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