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About Pampa Lighting

Pampa Lighting started off as a small E-Commerce project in 2021. During the following months, sales and engagement quickly escalated, which gave us the opportunity to move from Argentina South America to San Diego USA to further pursue our dream.

Contractors & Designers

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Specializing in catering to landscapers, lighting experts, general contractors, exterior architects, and designers, Pampa Lighting stands out by offering wholesale prices for outdoor lighting. The commitment to delivering an exceptional shopping experience and personalized customer service sets them apart in the industry.

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Designed For Efficiency

With a surface-mount design, the Arrow Simple Louvered Deck Light seamlessly integrates into various outdoor settings, providing not only functional lighting for steps and decks but also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor environment.

This versatile luminaire features a serviceable LED strip, making it a 3 minute job to replace the strip light once it goes out (lifespan 5 years)


How can I apply for a contractor account?

Please fill out the Contractor Form, and a rep will get in touch within the next 24 hours.

How can Pampa Lighting offer such a competitive price with a lifetime warranty?

Pampa Lighting sets itself apart from the majority of our competitors by being a factory-direct brand. This means we bypass local distributors such as Site One, Imperial Sprinklers, Link & Horizon, eliminating the middleman and selling directly to our contractors.

How fast will I get my order?

Pampa Lighting is located in San Diego California, therefore:

-Local Orders: Same day
-West Coast: 1-2 days
-Midwest: 2-3 days
-East Coast: 3-4 days

Whats the warranty on your fixtures?

We have a lifetime warranty on all of our fixtures, 2 year warranty on our craftman lanterns, 5 year on transformers and 2 years on bulbs.

What can I do if I can't find the light Im looking for?

Pampa Lighting has started making tailored lights for our customers with special requirements, like different sizes, special colors or even different voltage. We just designed 120v 3 ft bollard light for a commercial property.
In case you need a light that is not listed on the website, please send an email to describing the product so we can quote on it correctly.

Does Pampa Lighting offer RGBW smart lighting systems?

Yes, our RGBW smart systems are included in our custom lighting department. This intelligent system operates through a Wi-Fi cloud-based application, enabling control over dimming, color adjustment, modification of color temperature, creation of scenes, and creation of unlimited groups. You can access these features from any distance, even if you are out of the country. It relies on special transformers that require Wi-Fi connectivity.