How To Cut & Install Outdoor LED Strip Lights

How To Cut & Install Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Cutting and adding a lead wire connector:

This is our 16 ft led strip light, it can be cut every couple of inches. So what we recommend is that you cut right beside the cutting line, to give you some extra copper for a better connection with the connector.

Once this is cut, you’ll need to gently remove the silicon gel on the top of the strip and remove the tape on the back to make some room for the lead wire connector.

Connect the strip connector “upside down”, and test before installing to make sure the light turns on. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't at first. The connection is sensitive until it gets properly clipped on. To end the process, make sure to waterproof the other end of each strip light with a drop of silicon gel or waterproof sealant drops.

Now we have the first strip light cut and connected to the lead wire connector, repeat the process for each step.


To install the light, first, remove any dust and sand off the steps with a brush, then continue cleaning with a damp towel or rag to make sure the surface is completely dust free. Take proper measurements to make sure the strip lights are centered.

Peel the tape off the strip light and add some drops of gorilla glue for extra adhesive.

No clamps are needed, just apply some pressure for a couple of seconds.

Connect the black wire of the strip light to the black wire with the grooves of your main wireline, and the red wire of the strip light to the wire with the letters of your main wire line, and enjoy the end results!

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