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150-600W Black Dimmable Transformer

150-600W Black Dimmable Transformer


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Ideal for projects of small to large scale, this landscape lighting transformer exhibits exceptional durability and incorporates high-quality internal and external components. Engineered to deliver professional-grade results and ensure commercial reliability, there are no other transformers available that rival the performance and features offered by this product. Comes from 150w to 600w and in black and stainless steel color. This is the best transformer for dimmable applications.
These transformers come without the 120v lead wire and magnetic low voltage dimmer, which would need to be bought separately at a hardware store.

To effectively dim the lights with this transformer, a dimmer is required. You have two options: you can purchase a low voltage magnetic dimmer from your local home depot, or opt for our smart control dimmer. With our smart dimmer, you gain the convenience of controlling the lights directly from your phone. This includes turning the lights on and off, as well as adjusting their brightness from 0 to 100%.

Moreover, if you have multiple transformers, such as for the front yard and back yard, you can manage them all through the same app. This means you can control each transformer individually or group them together for synchronized operation. Additionally, our smart plug feature enables you to schedule the lights to automatically turn on and off at set times every day."

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