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300W Smart 3-Zone Transformer


This is our only smart transformer with a max load of 300w. Wireless Wifi system 2.4 Ghz, with a wifi range of 80 ft that runs with the Smart Life App, also compatible with Tuya and other smart home apps like Alexa and google home. A lighting system powered by this transformer can be split into 3 different zones, each with a max load of 100w. The zones can be turned off and on independently through the app, but zones cannot be dimmed down. Each zone can be configured to turn on or off at different times independently from one another.

Input Voltage: 120V 60Hz
Max. input current: 2.5A at full load
Output voltage without load: 15VAC
Output voltage fully loaded: 14VAC
Max. Total Wattage: 300W Max. per circuit:100W
Max. Output Current: 6.7A per circuit.
Efficiency: 90%

Electrical Diagram

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