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40W-300W Magnetic Non-Dimmable Built In Timer & Photocell


Max Load


Check out our best-selling low voltage transformers. This low voltage transformer for led lights is Non-dimmable. Timer and photocell built in.


This transformer can be controlled by the timer or/and photocell already included/built-in. You can choose to just control the transformer with just the timer, just the photocell, or opt to use both, for example: Have the dimmer turn on the lights at sundown, the timer turns off the lights at midnight when homeowners go to bed, and then the timer again to turn on the lights 6 through 8.30 to have the house lit up before going to work. This transformer does not come with a on/off switch.


The actual low voltage lighting Transformer is encapsulated in the enclosure The enclosure is Stainless Steel, NEMA 3R rated Wiring compartment has 2 knockouts sized for 3/8 inch screw cable connectors Enclosure Temperature does not exceed 65°C at 45°C ambient and fully loaded

Max Voltage Height Width Depth
Weight Outputs
40w 8,5 3,75 4,4 2.5 12V & 15V
75w 8,5 3,75 4,4 6 12V & 15V
100w 12,25 4,75 4,8 9 12V & 15V
200w 12,25 4,75  4,8 9 12V & 15V
300w 12,25 4,75 4,8 14 2x12V  & 2x15v

Specs & Features:

  • Input Voltage: 120V 60Hz
  • Max Input Current:5A at full load
  • Output voltage without load: 12/15VAC
  • Output voltage fully loaded:5/14.5VAC
  • Output Current: 25/20A
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • Photocell & Timer: Yes

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