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Stel-Path Antique Brass Well Light

Stel-Path Antique Brass Well Light


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Shop the best in-ground well-light Pampa Lighting has to offer. This in-ground well light has been developed through a collaborative effort involving Manuella Melchert, an esteemed Exterior Designer based in Los Angeles, California. The primary objective of this lighting fixture is to serve as a sophisticated alternative to path lights and bollard lights, offering a minimalist and unobtrusive solution for illuminating pathways. The upward projection of light from this fixture strikes the top faceplate/guard, reflecting and dispersing at a 180° angle to effectively illuminate walkways and entrances up to 2 ft in range.

Constructed from high-quality solid brass, this fixture exhibits exceptional durability and longevity. Both the body and faceplate feature a weathered antique brass finish, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The package comprises the fixture itself, a sleeve, and a sleeve holder (silicon band encircling the fixture), along with a 36" lead wire. While this fixture is not designed to withstand vehicular traffic, it possesses resilience against individuals standing or stepping on it.

Designed for harsh environments, this in ground light comes with a thick rubber gasket between the top and body of the well light for a water-tight seal. The lower canister is completely sealed. The round lead wire uses a waterproof pressure fitting to ensure water cannot enter from the bottom of the in ground well light fixture. This is one of the best outdoor lights you can use for pathway lighting. Install it with our Heavy-duty PVC Well Light sleeve which provides durable housing for all Brass In-Ground fixtures.



Specs & Features:

  • Material: Cast Brass + PVC sleeve
  • Finish: Antique Brass
  • Lens: Clear Glass Lens/ 180° Faceplate
  • Lamp: MR16 Dimmable Optional & Customizable
  • Light Output: 2 ft
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Wire: 36" Wire Lead
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty
  • Lead Time: Same day if ordered before 3 pm
  • Drive Over Approved: No

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