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Tulay Antique Brass Hardscape Light 7"

Our high-quality, low-profile hardscape lights are perfect for tight spaces and are backed by the industry's best lifetime warranties. Flexible mounting options provide endless possibilities for mounting under benches, railings, overhangs, and more.  Our low voltage hardscape lighting is perfect for professional hardscape contractors and hardscape installers. Also available in Black

Specs & Features:

  • Housing: Solid Brass
  • Lamp: 2W  Replaceable LED 2700K
  • Color Temperature: Warm White 2700K
  • Lumens: 300
  • Lens: Frosted Lens
  • Wiring:  3' 18/2, SPT-2W UL wire
  • Mounting:  Large Stainless Steel Bracket, surface mount, screw underlip
  • Installation style: Hardscape Light/Retainer wall
  • Finish: Antique Brass
  • Serviceable: Yes (interchangeable led strip)

    What Comes In The Box & Mounting:

    The Tulay Hardscape Light comes with three versatile mounting options, each of which comes complete with two anchors, two screws, and the fixture itself pre-attached to the first mounting option.

    1. The first mounting option is a long bracket that is already affixed to the fixture upon purchase (as depicted in the first image). This option allows for the secure placement of the bracket on a wall, by positioning another brick or stone atop the bracket. The bracket is then secured in place by utilizing the retaining wall screws and anchors from the top side of the mounting bracket.

    2. The second bracket serves the same lighting purpose as the first mounting option, namely downlighting a wall or step. However, this bracket is considerably shorter and is instead affixed to the lip/cap of a wall with screws and anchors (as included). This mounting option is most effective when the wall already exists prior to the light's installation and features a suitable lip for attaching the fixture.

    3. The third bracket, as depicted in the last two images, has dual functionality. Firstly, it can be used to downlight a wall or step, as with mounting options 1 and 2. This option is particularly useful when the wall or step is already in place, rendering mounting option 1 unusable as the top brick or stone cannot be removed. Additionally, if the wall or step does not feature a suitable lip/cap for mounting option 2, this bracket can be affixed directly to the face of the wall or step for effective downlighting. Furthermore, this light can also be installed on the floor to cast light outwards onto a pathway or walkway, replacing a path light fixture.

Shipping Times:
West Coast: 1-2 days
Mid West: 2-3 days
East Coast: 4-5 days